Router and IP the complete information for you

The router is a hardware device that is used in the network area. There are different kinds of network areas, but firstly, we should know the information about the network. A network contains multiple devices that can communicate with each other. If you are in the network, then it is easy for you to connect with someone such as family member or friends with the packets or router ip address. The computer and laptop can connect with another computer or laptop. This is the process of a local network or outer network. Now, let’s talk about the kinds of network.

Local area network of router IP: –

When your router is connected in the local area network, then there is a limitation. The local area network is a different kind of the network in which you can use the home devices. They are used for the home and office. In the home you can see there is a wireless connection or wired connection with routers. You can connect a computer with the Ethernet. It is a perfect example of the local area network. People are getting their identifications in these connections for the security of the local network and its data.

A person gets the router IP address to the security by the ISP. If you want to find the local IP address, then open the start menu. After opening the start menu, open CMd and type ipconfig to see the local IP address.

Wide area network of router IP: –

The wide area network is not a limited area of the network. In the network, we use the router to connect with internet. After connecting with the internet, it is easy to connect with another area of the network. You can connect with other people in a long distance. They are used in big companies and are more advantageous. These are advantageous because of the security by private router IP address. If you want the IP of these networks, then go to the network provider’s site.