Have Pets or Young Children? Artificial Grass is best for your lawn

More and more people are choosing artificial grass to address their garden and lawn problems. Getting it laid down does cost a little more compared to real grass but the benefits outweigh the cons in the long run. Besides saving homeowners hours and hundreds of dollars on upkeep, it is also a better choice for people with pets and children. Here are just a few of the benefits of getting artificial grass for your new lawn.


Artificial grass does not need harmful chemicals

One downside of having real grass on your new lawn is the need to use dangerous chemicals to keep it looking good (weed killers and fertilizers) or pest-free (pesticides). With dangerous fumes and residues, you probably won’t feel too confident in having your children or pets roll around your lawn. What good is a lawn if your loved ones cannot enjoy it? Having artificial grass deals with this problem handily as it only requires occasional washing and combing to maintain its appearance.

Artificial grass will be able to stand heavy traffic

Some homeowners do not allow their pets or children to frolic in their new lawns simply because the grass will get stepped on and would eventually get worn. Not being able to have barbeques, picnics, or games of catch on your lawns is such a sad prospect. With artificial grass, you can roll around it as much as you can and all you will have to do is to comb the grass occasionally so it will remain looking like real grass.


Artificial grass doesn’t require hours of tedious upkeep

Why waste your time weeding and watering your lawn when you can spend that playing with your children or pets? With artificial grass, you won’t spend another minute pulling out weeds or break your back mowing it every few weeks. You just install it and simply forget it. Do you have dogs that enjoy digging holes in your new lawn? You won’t have to cover up those bald areas because, with artificial grass, Fido won’t be able to do damage on the surface. Messes can also be cleaned easily using a little water and mild detergent.